it’s a beautiful life, v. 1.15 ~ intro

~ a Fantastic story ~

If it weren’t real, it would be unbelievable.

Imagine relating to another being that knows nothing of “this” world…

…sharing the reality we are gifted each day ~

~ let’s say you begin with just one element:

…a compound that covers most of a planet’s surface, bestows its color, a climate and in many ways its essence…

where do you start? It is a substance that takes infinite shapes; at this very moment, it is literally all of these ~

  • softer than a velvet kiss
  • harder than steel
  • winding softly, raging furiously
  • lighter than air, heavier than stone
  • cohering, adhering.

…we could spend a lifetime reflecting just this one aspect:

how it feels to swim in it; how we are born within – “it”- ; how our blood sweat and tears have the same amount of salt as do the oceans ….  it would be just a start in de/scribing life evolving from in infinite variations:

Like a river, a Part & apart, a mosaic of life, timeless and in time, interconnected and ever changing in form, substance and sound.

And like water, these beings form their own distinct, unique art as they resonate and connect with others – distinct, as one.

This story sounds so fantastic, no one without the experience of this wonder would take it for granted … and yet we wake to this wonder each gifted  re/evolving day.  

Oh, and have we touched upon #Earth #Wind & #Fire yet? Love of self, of others? Gravity? #Synchronicity… Or #Music? #Art? And what of the #Magic of #Dreams and #Existence… of unity and duality of experience? – what would we be most proud or ashamed of?  How much do we have we in common? What of #Love and #Fear? The illusion of #Time or #Space? Pain vs. Joy? #Consciousness? The meaning of it all?

…plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose… this is a story of beautiful facts:

patterns & connections.

  • Time // Space
  • Mind // Art
  • Body // Soul
  • Wit
  • Unity
  • Humanity